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Need help line to the thorns of her best students," Using the "
Need help line to the thorns of her best students," Using the "
12 years is a good student, winning three national history, passing the University with 23.5 points but I Le Thi Bao Tran (SN 1993, live in Hoa Thanh, Tam Binh) risk can not step into university lecture halls.
We find the home of Le Thi Bao Tran you to learn more about this situation. The first word we got from the neighbors as "very poor children Pearl, study well, but missed off halfway through the waste too."

Remarkable achievement history

According to our understanding, though family background is very difficult but I always Le Thi Bao Tran also try my best. Pearl said his parents always encourage and support children to school. Islamic school is grades 1 and 2, the distance from the 3-4km but because there is no money to buy bicycles to Pearl for years to walk this course. Level 3, Best in school, Nguyen Binh Khiem Gifted-a famous school in Vinh Long province.

Bao Tran with her mother in hopes of peeling cashew nuts have enough money for admission
During 12 years of study, achievement of Pearl remarkable. 12 years have achieved excellent academic. At level 2, Pearl won three subject History of Mathematics and encouraged the district. 3 years of high school, Tran won many awards for its history: three provincial-level prizes, a prize provincial bronze medal (Class 10) and Silver Medal Olympic Competition 30 / 4 (class 11), especially the Pearl also won three national history.

Tran said she liked to study history because I wanted to learn the history of the country, want to know the feats of the heroes in the struggle to protect the country. "Learning history for me many valuable lessons about love the homeland" - Pearl said.

Certificate awarded three national history of Bao Tran
Therefore favorite subjects should Tran won numerous awards and most of all in the national college entrance exam last, Tran Thi block C and subjects history to reach 9.25 points.
Way to school against the difference of "journalist" future
The family of Mr. Le Van Ngai (Pearl's father) is not a puncher plug the land, all three demographic to his temporary house Bao Tran. His small garden he does not bear the economic benefit as always in trouble, always lacking before the loss. Mr Ngai to the medical group with a monthly salary of just over 200,000. In Le Thi Trang (Pearl's mother) is going nuts about getting shelled every day earn only 8,000 contracts. All "pre-cooked rice rice coat" of families depend on these two charges.

Is the dream school of Bao Tran is the unfinished because of difficult family circumstances?
Today we arrived home, Tran and his mother was sitting shelled nuts to prepare people to communicate. On the face of her poor girl is a sad mood for the day stale records in the admission that there is no money. Pearl told us, really do not want to give up school, but if there is not enough money, make sure you have at home alone. Pearl said, shelled nuts for're done, we see them open shaking hands, maybe you're feeling sorry for connecting your educational experience will probably have to stop.

Le Van Ngai, said the park or a private girls University with a score of noble houses who was happy tears because after many years of hard work to take care of children to school finally has a nice result. But joy is not complete, the Throne and his wife started feeling heavy, anxious. Look before looking after, the house was built lethargy, pieces of food each day have to worry about running out of money, then get us to care for her youngest daughter to school.

Best Dad with Uncle neighbors see the notice for admission to the business mood has just worry
Receive notice of admission, his wife re Ngai heavy heart. "Read the information in the notice of admission of the post that I kept shaking limbs. Schools are required to pay school fees to 1.8 million and some other accounts, my wife and I really only know shortness of breath. My wife and I collected the entire amount is only about 600,000 in the same amount too small not to worry for City Bao Tran admission "- the mother of sadness Bao Tran said.

Over the past days, mother Pearl to get more women on the shelled nuts in the hope of more money to be able to make admissions as many other friends. "Each kg of shelled nuts after only 4,000 contracts, each dated as much as 2 kg, with this price, I do not know when enough money to go again" - Pearl said sadly.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dua, vice head of villages five, his family said he was one of the hardest family in the village 5. Song, though difficult, but he was also concerned for children's study is valuable. "The grandson Bao Tran at the University with a major expense, the family can not afford, as I missed the middle of the Bao Tran friable very hard for me" - he offers to share.

Mr. Race said, Bao Tran had a sister before school is very good. After failing college, she's Bao Tran exam will continue to implement next year but because of family circumstances is too poor sister had to abandon their education and then get married. "Bao Tran, the University and passed, her future is wide open in front, we expect someone to help me pull through this difficult to continue going to school" - he expressed his race.

Tran said that they test in Journalism & Communication industry because I have a dream of working journalists. "I heard of journalism, but very hard to speak of the people, to go deeper and understand their lives, to be called to help those difficulties, I feel very happy" - Pearl said.

Her dream is not that poor girl has come true or not when the time came to enroll children and families no longer afford to worry anymore. Do not worry be, sure they can not step Bao Tran at the University auditorium. A "journalist" the future is very timely need the support of philanthropists.
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