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A former soldier Changsha need help
A former soldier Changsha need help
Nguyen Van Dung (born in 1966, was born in Hoa Cuong, currently residing in the 27, Hoa Xuan ward, Cam Le district, Hanoi. Danang) is one of nine Chinese soldiers were arrested on 14-3-1988 when they invaded the island of Ms. Lin - Antlers Ma (the Spratly Islands in Vietnam) that 64 officers and soldiers who sacrificed Navy Vietnam, nine soldiers missing due arrested.
After the team was returning in 1992, Dung returned to the immense joy of the family. Later that year he married to Tran Thi Loi (SN 1967), who vowed before his non appointment to the sea road to the Spratlys. One year later, she gave birth to her firstborn was Duong Van Quoc (SN 1993), followed by her Duong Thi Bich Nga (SN 1995) and Duong Thi My Linh (SN 2002).

In 2003, with the support of family, loved ones, you buy a small piece of land in the 27th, Hoa Xuan ward house up to stay. Due to the death match on 14-3-1988 and the date of detention in China, health, mental Dung is not stable. Many times more sun, his body sharp pain, mental panic. The usual, his wife go to work for bricklayers extra child. His wife is also a rich family life should be always in the context of hardships bullets. With the help of family, village, local governments should you also try forced through on the month.

Recently, the house you are in the clear, the need to relocate. The state is compensated by the regime, but after receiving lots and pay according to the state land is complete, the remaining amount is insufficient to build a new house.

Moreover, major pain she inflicted upon his family when his only son Duong Van Quoc grade 12 traffic accident last month died 4-2011. Tens of millions to care and treatment for human burial, so you run around borrowing has not paid off. It seems that every disaster strikes her family when his father recently Dung, Duong Thin patients have also been on dialysis makes him more miserable family.

Dung couple scenes look up the altar next to the front edge of the dam has, when you take advantage of the back corner for in advance, please come and cramping. Ms. Loi blubber: "Coming out here to knock the house to get land for the project, we were lodging there is no place to worship I do not know how it is. Dreams are just in a house, a church where children watch helplessly as long as construction materials is rising rushing, but money is tight in the house gradually. Knowing I do? ".

Before this tragic situation, we expect the donors to continue to contribute to the program "side by side with soldiers islands" to help his family Dung partial funding to build the house, she has carved in China and partly a living.

Trường hợp
Name Nguyễn Văn Dũng
Address , tổ 27, phường Hòa Xuân, Quận Cẩm Lệ, ĐÀ NẴNG
Case Người nghèo
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