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A student needs to be rescued
A student needs to be rescued
28-5-2011 night, a collision between the container and motor vehicles have student Nguyen Thai Duong on the way to learn about a serious accident. Ocean brain injury, right frontal lobe brain stamping, fractured femur, jaw and damage to vision. Undergone surgery three times, the chances of survival are slim Ocean.
All relatives, family and friends hope to live by Yang Yang's life has gone through many difficulties and ups and downs since childhood. Yang has worked hard at doing more, just trying to learn to step into the university lecture halls, a student overcome difficulties to study well. Yang said the accident, immediately Friends Faculty of Finance - Bank key 8 University of Economics - Law (National University of Ho Chi Minh) and the teachers have contributed to support the cost of medicines and Ocean turns in hospital care. The amount of drug than 100 million. Yang's family was very poor in Binh Dinh. Cha Yang is wounded, retired, housewife and mother was always sick, now sick because of the shock is too large.

We hope readers arms compassionate heart to help these young people have more hope alive
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