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Be Phan Anh Vietnamese French Long Hospital Brain Tumor Surgery
Be Phan Anh Vietnamese French Long Hospital Brain Tumor Surgery
(AP) - Nguyen Thi Nga, her mother Phan Anh Long - character in the article "Trade very lifeless eyes of her 2-year-old poetry" - to us or her son will be opened today (25 / 8) at the Vietnam French Hospital (Hanoi)
With so much worry, but she hopes Russia remains her son will have a good signal after surgery to regain life


Long Phan Anh Bé is clear whether eyes are open but I did not see anything due to a brain tumor
Immediately after article about her illness Long was published on Reuters on 16 / 8 /, her family continued to receive the Russian concern, shared by many readers all over the country. And also thanks to the feelings of love, care and support of everyone so he scene, she has more Russia as energy, confidence to once again pick you up in Hanoi test. Fun break when the doctor burst in Vietnam French Hospital of Long announced that she may need surgery and conducted an emergency by the tumor was too large and is showing signs of fluid out.

The amount of surgery initial estimate of more than 100 million so he scene had all left home now to worry about borrowing procedures, even sell their homes. Currently she and her Russian Long to remain hospitalized for the procedures to prepare for surgery. Talk to us she is not choked out, "Thanks to the help of everyone that my wife and I were raised when the surgery is receiving Long. Whether to sell the house, there are hundreds of surfaces that human suffering is healthy again, then my wife and I also promised her heart ".

Ms. Nga received 10 million amount due to help you read the AP through the Fund Human touch
Before the situation is very difficult of her Russian husband, he Canh, PV AP Hot amount awarded by readers and 10,000,000 family assistance through the Fund Nhan Dan Newspaper loving to her position more conditions to pay hospital fees for the initial operation of the child. Get some money for your reading, she choked Russia says "My family does not know what to say than most sincere thanks to everyone. Government people have created conditions and a bridge to my children find hope alive. "

PV Reuters will continue to information on the health of your baby to read Phan Anh Long after brain tumor surgery in the shortest time.
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Name Phan Anh Long
Address thôn 14, xóm Tiên Sơn, xã Vũ Chính, Huyện Vũ Thư, THÁI BÌNH
Phone 0978.157.787
Case Bệnh nhân hiểm nghèo, Người nghèo
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