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Blizzard disaster
Blizzard disaster
Family Duong Thi Tao (60 years old, live in Ha Tay, Trieu Phong and Quang Tri) with ten people. Three years ago, her husband, Dong Duong Tat (62 years) with serious traffic accidents, family of lost labor. Life is difficult even more miserable. Mrs. Tao has eight children. After her husband's accident, she became the main labor. Hang on to manage the family apart, she still had to sub them, a potato field outside. Although she has tried to nowhere, still dogged the poor, life is still very uncertain.

Trade struggling mother, who was the only son Duong Tat Dinh (born 1989) Up until around the secondary adoptive father would. Although still young, but not to hit anything galaxies, provided money for the cure. On 28-4-2011, The City home from home to help his sister up. When you're back hui as the plumbing from the roof down the yard, accidentally The high voltage power lines nearby reporter who won. After the explosion contained, both The torch into life. The collapsed in place, the group of construction workers at the assistant fire radiating in various directions. Shall be taken to emergency and luckily survived with injuries 40% (including 30% deep burns surgery). TAO her family life falling into a dead end. At the Central Institute of burns, her daily fasting TAO has quietly run to raise money for child care. From The electric shock of the family has consumed nearly 100 million. Principal amount borrowed and benefactors, neighbors raised. The also have long-term treatment, it is expected the philanthropists of the benefactors to help her family overcome distress TAO

Trường hợp
Name Dương Thị Táo
Address , Hà Tây, Huyện Triệu Phong, QUẢNG TRỊ
Case poor people
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I saw few big holes in front of the ladders of ChaoAnouvong maikinn and at the back of him, the ladder is so steep and slippery. When I took my relatives from USA to visit there, my aunty wore high shoes and walk down the ladder very hard. Can we:1/ make a fence string line to hold for walk up and down the ladder in front and either at the back of ChaoAnouvong.2/ Or put something at the steps to be rough for not slippery.3/ Rubbish Bins like at monument to place in some necessary areas of ChaoAnouvong park.4/ Fix the holes in front of the ladder of ChaoAnouvong maikinn.

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