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He won the student volunteers resilient life
He won the student volunteers resilient life
It was Lo Van Xien - K48 students, a brother of the younger kind under roof love volunteering of NEU. Unfortunately, Xien burns to 80% with cerebral hematoma is painful that he fought for survival every hour.

Vu Lan Day past, while they rejoice in the joy of reunion with the family, the cruel fate to slant. He climbed the garden plant label, the label home to pick some fruit as a gift for you in the school's volunteer meeting, a stream of high voltage was launched in his wickedness, for his wickedness sequelae.


Xien brought his family to the provincial hospitals, and the indignity of receiving the doctor shook his head with the introduction of Viet Duc hospital for better treatment conditions. Then the doctors here also denied his condition and transferred to the National Burn Institute.

Two days of hospitalization, amount to tens of million of home loans has expired. Currently, each day to sustain life for all Xien also the tens of million, not to mention money medicine and other expenses, the amount of brain operation up to 300 million. The amount beyond the care of the family, a Thai national agricultural households in mountainous Son La province. Dad died. My brother was working in Son La to care for the mother nearly 60 years old and suffering from many diseases for which cure many places but not out. In Xien, luck would be in Hanoi and raising her youngest is a student in the third National Economics University. Hard work, expensive prices.
The brothers have tried a lot to learn by doing.
Chàng SV tình nguyện kiên cường giành sự sống
The difficulty is but he is still very actively involved in volunteer activities. Blue Summer activities, blood donation ... not in any Xien absent. Yet now, Xien lies unconscious, each breath is only weakly sustained by the oxygen generator. Having four days. Old mother cried every tear that information, passed on down the hill to visit but passed all recommended to prevent health conditions because he did not allow. Was old and weak, to Hanoi to be a caregiver, and costly, must spend all his money for treatment, elderly parents at home each day I learn for information, as our fire.

Just yesterday the doctors want to pay him back home because of its treatment of those days not very satisfactory. But please keep the family Xien, by also slaps the water. Xien still lies there, unconscious, to transfer the nutrients to survive, life in hours only.

 Trường hợp
 Name Lò Văn Xiển 
Address Bản Tà Lào , Xã Tân Xuân, Mộc Châu, Huyện Mộc Châu, SƠN LA 
Phone 0976 685 155 
Case Bệnh nhân hiểm nghèo, Người nghèo 

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