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Oh orphan who charges much! "
Oh orphan who charges much! "
Nearly three years, the couple's small house Pham Hong Khanh (Village 2, Phu Tho, Que Son district, Quang Nam province) almost no laughter. Series of storms have struck down both the disease makes everybody miserable flop down in the extreme.

Anh Khanh and children in Da Nang Hospital

Economic families depend on three nests field barren land, income not worth taking, so he must strive to hire Khanh everywhere. In an overwhelming concern for her sister lost traffic accident, he suddenly quya and confined to one place. When taken to the hospital, doctors found him suffering from colorectal cancer, metastatic end-stage liver and gallstones. After three "most collected living death," crisscrossed the abdominal wound, he survived but Khanh health becoming seriously degraded. Ms. Ha Thi Duong (his wife Khanh) are worried about him at the hospital were also uterine fibroids, hot 15 million loan to surgery now than to not pay.
Yet every day, even though underweight, pale, she is back down the road to scientific Cancer (Da Nang hospital) care concern husband medicines for themselves.

And I Pham Hong Thai (6 years), son of you are attending kindergarten in the home also found liver terminally ill recently, and in need of money for treatment. However, due to marital life too difficult so I like the lights flickering in the wind.

Talk to us, he cried Pham Hong Khanh said: "Low lying in the hospital, thinking of his wife and children that I cried every tear. Both husband and painful illness, have died as well, but poor for small children. I know this is not orphaned, they will live out back here ...". As far as we know, the current condition of Pham Hong Khanh just counting the days. So, in sight of his wife and children are in need of sharing, conceived by readers everywhere for directions also include the conditions of treatment and Thailand are raising their grandchildren to school. "If so, what is superficial serenity I go" - that is the wish of his bed Khanh.

 Trường hợp
Name Phạm Hồng Khánh
Address , thôn 2, xã Phú Thọ, Huyện Quế Sơn, QUẢNG NAM
Case Bệnh nhân hiểm nghèo, Người nghèo
Other info
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