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Readers relay her mother to hospital treatment Xuan
Readers relay her mother to hospital treatment Xuan
(AP) - To receive money from the hands of the journalists 32,862,000 Phan Huy - Head of Representative Office in Can Tho Reuters reported, Ms. Cao Thi Kiem - character in the article: "Mother and children with serious illness dying "moved to tears.
As the moon - the leader of the Women's Chi Hung Loi ward, said the past few days with her Save breast cancer grueling torture that do not have the money to the hospital. So we went to the inn to visit and hand over her money.


Journalist Phan Huy, Head Office Newspaper Tho Reuters 32,862,000 contract amount awarded to Ms. Cao Thi Kiem
Still inn room the night before, alone she sat leaning back against the wall Save, street frontage looks regimen, blue meters. Her face was full of pain seems tortured by bouts of incurable diseases are rampant. Hang her to sit Save, then line the side of her shirt to make us as dumbfounded before the terrible consequences that breast cancer is caused to Save Her.

The three said: "When new doctors require patients TUI chemical communication in 4 consecutive months (once each in January), such a transfer takes nearly 6 million and we only sent once and then go home living selling lottery tickets. In one condition, the only plants that cure pockets go for the cooking water. But every day more severe illness than 3 months and TUI can not do anything anymore, just sitting around waiting to die Oh my only comment. "

Currently, she Saving at home alone, a few days before she was strong enough to buy rice porridge itself, but for now she had to ask several people at the motel to buy help. So after a few days of illness wickedness of abuse, she only afford to sit back wall, each a little breathing hard.

Realizing that her condition required treatment Save early, after award of contract for her tien32.862.000 journalist by Phan Huy Hang with the Red Cross took her benefit Save Hung ward to the hospital Tumor TP. Tho for treatment.

According to Ms. Saving said, her health is better than Spring, but every day she had to transfer nitrogen and drainage, and dialysis, the two sisters on dialysis once. Private money transfer chemicals, each consuming from 600,000 VND to 800,000 VND.

Prior to situation her mother's strict Kiem still hope you read the relay. So with this condition, the mother and her son should be treated in the long run would go away.
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