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Sad little boy with cancer of the blood
Sad little boy with cancer of the blood
"Today I went to buy porridge, the headline to a restaurant across the street. Buy 5000 but by 7000 at a restaurant near her hospital there. Go away little but 2000 would save her anyway? ". Listen to the innocent narrator, her tears fell to the father ...
At the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion Committee (Hanoi), it seems everyone is so used him strength, 11-year-old leukemia but to feast on a pair of free portable cage to buy rice porridge. All day he just up to Ngong await to be punched back to the mother. The boy said, to raise money for medical treatment and his father, his mother every day to pick up the odd great-chiu each pan of rolls from the family car.

Under heavy summer squeeze through the window, he revel in comic books. A hand holding book. The other hand dangling wires transfusion. Reason shook his head, the eyes squint squint. Smile in the sun squeezed his late mother down the sultry skinny, blue flood as a picture in place opposite the hospital is always crowded as people.

Strength is a blood transfusion at the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion Central
The mother put tears said: "Not all public school first grade 1, doctors discovered her blood cancer. Nearly four years ago, the hospital than at home. Where it is literate, but to return to school much. " Look at this woman, nobody thought you were over the age of the new hash, you lean to the point people think you are swimming in the other old clothes. The searing in the eyes, the voice and compressed in the sigh ....

Married and then turn two children, a son and a daughter was born healthy and beautiful. With Ms. Dang Thi Thom much whether he was happy taxi driving, she went vendors. Although her family lived crammed, meal porridge meal in over a dozen square meters house in Market Lane Kham Thien.

In 2007, all shaken and shattered when doctors discovered she Nguyen Van Cuong - big sister's children with cancer. A year later, Nguyen Van Thang - her husband have abnormal psychology. He often beat his wife and children and talking incontinence. By day, he wanders rong car, at home, just to see what items he destroyed.

I finished treatment intensity, despite the weak, peanut sauce served, he held the wand hit the 3 mother a debt and eviction. Cold winter night, a big arm around the child, a little child clasped hands, the three mother sat shivering in the yard. Numbness her heart ...

With increasingly severe manifestations, the family decided to take him to hospital Trau Quy Thang treatment. The road already difficult and now is even harder. Before her husband well, and taxi driving thirty miles a day for knit. Now bear her street vendors not to raise the child but also her husband.

With the old bike, when the sun has not emerged as she left to retrieve all rows. Sunny days, rainy days, sweat, tears ... there is nothing much the guy he still shrivels chemical communication, children are so hungry yellow eyes. During the day shopping, only last night she took her daughter to the hospital. Health professional woman instability can not afford the burden of the family, especially when the material prices escalating every day. Biting your lip, you must send a second child was the grandson Nguyen Thi Dung to SOS children village for her children to eat three meals a day, was sleeping in the house, not sleeping on the benches and the hospital is that it is important to school.

I Nguyen Van Cuong cancer in N2 can be no cure for chemical transmission only periodically. May also have insurance to every poor household in the hospital, only to lose intensity from 7-8 million. However, the amount is too large for a family where the main income source is from the burden paste paper worth less than 1 million.

Dangerous diseases, but energy intensity is still alive for parents and children are not upset because I
To pre-treatment for children, husband, Thom had to sell her bike - to make living there at her husband's care - and then borrowed from the. There were times along the way, do not borrow, you risked your money to help get the goods shipped to pay hospital fees only to be yelled at no one nhiec profusely ....

11 years old, five-year battle with the resilience of cancer cells, Cuong boy learn to take care of yourself and optimism with the disease. The main 11-year-old boy and not someone else telling me that Thom: "The doctors will cure me from disease, then children will attend school, work and raise money to pay debts parents."

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