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The fragile lives of children 2 years of blood infection

The fragile lives of children 2 years of blood infection
"Just born baby was jaundice Red, two days later, doctors said her blood infection if transfusion is only 20% of life. I think" also slaps the water, "managed enough to take me to heal but poor family too. "
Pham Thi Ha (Hong mother) ROM tears talking about little children, poor disease are more than 2 years of abuse and hardship, economic hardship of his family.

Little House about 20m2 of her family in a village 3 Pham Thi Ha, Ha Vinh, Ha Trung district (Thanh Hoa). Asking the way to Ha's family, a neighbor said: "The family was really hard for her letter a, if not the toughest of the village. There are more than 2-year-old daughter was seriously ill should get in impoverished families money and medicines for children. "

We sat chatting with her on the bed Ha former couple have used for years. No seats, no glass of water and the tears just flowed on thin face imbedded in the hard, worries about her life Ha.

I Tran Thi Hong was born in May 7 / 2009 in the joy of the young couple and Mr. Tran Van Duong Pham Thi Ha family parties inside and outside. Born, Red is the usual healthy children, but two days later, the children show signs of jaundice and high fever, convulsions. The family hastily took him to General Hospital in Thanh Hoa province, doctors said her brain was Red, septicemia, heart failure and open throat wind.

I do Red is located in a glass a day, but due to her weak health, blood in the body degeneration so severe doctors had to pay her family about her disease and no cure.

"The doctor said if you want to prolong life, she must suck the blood Red body and blood replacement, but it only lasted 20% of life only because her health is too weak. I thought," also slaps the water "should make decisions for her blood. Since then, I have Red on the daily to the hospital," she told Ha sad.

After transfusion, her Hong taken care of in the lower house fragrant anxiety of the couple, because her life is very fragile Red, I can give you a couple at any time.

Tran Thi Huong (her aunt Hong Kong) said: "The thought of her illness that I trade Hong Yang married uncle, aunt Ha too. Keeping small children harder illness that raising five children heal. On average a month, my husband and he's right on the hospital two to three times because I always Red seizures, the cyanosis, difficulty breathing, sore tooth ... then lim riders. How many assets in home mortgage offers for the treatment of children of all, the meal is also difficult to ensure. "

Also due to illness of childhood abuse that she knew the Red to the hospital. So far I have over 2 years old Red, but because of health, illness abuse, so I do not know go, speak, know ... I just flip lying in bed like a lifeless child.

"Look at that healthy people have fun, learn to talk baby talk to their children that look just as my heart sank. Pelvis than 2 years old but weighed only 6kg, weak health. Few days due to sun I do not eat anything, tears, nasal flow on the line that worries me too, "she choked Ha.

Moreover, a year ago, in a discouraged two neighbors fighting, he was cutting the wrong Ocean right cheek, broken cheek but nerves are connected, he was hospitalized a month for treatment . Since then, his health is very much weaker Ocean, home economics more difficult.

Out of home with empty hands, home economics Ha she and her husband rely on two nests transplanted rice in the year lost to the needy throughout the year. Now the little girl being tortured disease, five times on seven plays to the hospital, living in a drug should no longer worth anything.

Want extra money medicines and treatment for children, he must Ocean "tha way to do" to women around the lake, the portage to the same family to suffer less, but job insecurity, the meeting , meeting the income should not leave the bag. Ms. Ha busy child care should not be anything to work. Therefore, the amount of medicine I always have to borrow money Hong brothers, cousins ​​let alone money to buy milk for human fragility.

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