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The risk of loss of husband and wife
The risk of loss of husband and wife, children lost parents due to lack of 50 million
(AP) - No longer hear the cough and breathing heavy as usual by his wife, he woke her military husband. In the dim light she slept Germany lying motionless in the corner bed ro breath only flickering.
Recalling the terrifying moment, his face suddenly Army limb identity has not yet run out. Do not run nearly so when he and three children had lived in "orphan". "That night of joint commonplace rain, thunder and sometimes flashy ones soet through the window together with the deafening thunder. Each time my wife were startled panic, intense breath ... I have to support his wife sit in the chest wall because Germany is not to be. "

At midnight on the morning rain as more intense, partly because the working day he was exhausted, partly because he is too late to flicker Army to sleep. Ear, he also stayed obedient wife told "you that what he tried to take care of three kids back to school for the children must not burden off the road." Jiang wife just tired as usual but when the shock Military wake up his new assistant fire him.

The moment of life and death apart Unbleached gang had happened to Ms. Nguyen Thi Duc (born 1975, lives in Cam My, Dong Nai). Delivering his congenital heart disease, but 37 years Germany had to bite her teeth because the country suffered extreme poverty. Not stopping there, the first two sister's child was the grandson Nguyen Hong Thang (SN 1997) was born when the disease is also the mother of wickedness.

Without surgery, her life only German daily countdown

Along the pain brought her body to the German understanding of pain that children suffer as well. Through the article "if given the chance I would die for you to live" in the AP's readers were partly supported by the cost of operations of Victory, dredging of all assets in the home and borrow the neighbors surgery for the last wishes of the mother children suffering poetry has become reality.

With her German husband son was saved is a blessing multiplied. Both the sisters suddenly "give rise to" turn a vegetarian Buddhist concept. The destitute situation, but she will cook every meal for a handful of rice left on bad "savings" to help the single elderly and orphans in the local area as an act of blessing to help others.

Con rid of illness, but she was still night and day, "god of death called the" three-year-old kids are back to school are very good students should not spend her heart for children to fall into dropout . The mother continues to endure the biting pain that tortured body. The door of life is slowly closing in front of her illness by a day worse. Fateful rainy night (15 / 8) was thought to bring her permanent return to the planet.

After a lay called her husband, she finally revived Germany. Can not be said to his wife at home longer, a new sky every dusk he had left running throughout the Army neighbor borrowed 2 million. He speeds through the news to his wife to a local hospital but soon after she was transferred to Cho Ray German aid.

Through the test results, doctors said she was born with congenital heart disease diagnosed atrial septal, pulmonary valve stenosis, severe heart failure. Just a surgical intervention, she will be saved, if to prolong the life of the mother was just counting down the days.

However, to enter hospital surgery suggested that the family plays an advance amount estimated 50 million. While the money borrowed was just over 1 million should be listening to the huge funds he, she and her husband built tattooed eyebrows Germany. Deadlock can not find a way out, she will discuss with her husband in hospital medicine a few days more and then packed in their home life to the mercy of fate.
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