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Wind lay her loss, fear of orphaned children
Wind lay her loss, fear of orphaned children
20 years of carrying the disease with heart failure, brain hemorrhage, kidney stones ... always abused. Austere woman, face incubated leaking, sad hang down like a banana and a half old dying that we are referring to is Ms. Nguyen Thi Duan, 58, Forum Minh, Dien Chau, Nghe An.

Ms. Duan picked beans to brewing the price money to buy drugs, eating every day but just as the sea salt out.
The uniqueness of her son Nguyen Thi Phuong, Minh residential neighborhood 3 Forum (Dien Chau, Nghe An) has confided to us about the condition of the mother lay lat poor living in those days could say his death.
Austere woman carrying the disease 20 years
In the shabby little house is empty, the poor woman is lying on the bed because the risk is too tired. That we visited, Nguyen Thi Duan, faked exhausted all my strength left to speak. She confided to us in the face incubated leaking, half sad hang down: "This year I'm 58 years old, but just clinging to the disease in endemic. 20 years of illness should do nothing about it. Now that family circumstances were poor because the poor more heart failure, brain hemorrhage, kidney stones ... not stop abuse. "

Ms. Duan said, adding, the cost of buying drugs on a lot that poor families more exhausted. What to eat, clothe the needy throughout the year. To comfort me and try to earn the same on, she even brought significant Duan disease but tried to pick vegetables, garden pea an attempt to buy rice for three thousand miles, try what may be raising children to school human.
She said: "In the past, because poverty should not bear the father's method was sailing off the special clothing. Leaving the village of my poor mother and child each in the dilapidated house as ri. " "Dad how did not know, since I just missed my mother. Now to me, she is motivated to do not stop moving up in life. If my mom does have face us you no one, "The sad before his tragic fate that in mind I was anticipating it's very likely.

The 22-year-old last year, but the sky as they are filled with a sea of ​​suffering. To support themselves, to have the money to close each of rice and cans of medicines and treatment for mothers, as a method of small shuttle working hardy strain. Phuong said: "We are learning connected to the University of Labour - Social. For meals and the cost of treatment for mothers, children outside school hours trying to work to make money. "

Take her seriously ill in people with drug Duan now need more than ever.
Vacation, friends were home with their families to be reunited. With a method like knowing much about the mother of illness, a day or two to face death, but I pity because neighbors look after her mother to stay in Hanoi to work would make money to buy medicines mother.
I will do everything to save her
To earn money for her treatment, a method to make hundreds of hands, thousands of. The mother was treated in Hanoi, I just have to go to school, and take care of the mother has to work more. 2010, to 30 million for her medical treatment at Bach Mai hospital, Phuong again eked back down on bank loans, friends, neighbors, brothers. Now all but pre-existing diseases of the mother and the debt remains so dogged do not know when?.

The method is to work washing dishes at the restaurant rice into two sessions, at a bit of spare time to studying. Phuong said: "For want of money to treat every living parent should have to save money, go to the baby's tummy, only washing dishes to feed him. Every day the restaurant owner may also have lunch, but breakfast and dinner I usually eat only bread or only eat noodles. "

Although carrying the seriously ill, but she tried to compost the bad Duan price treatment money.
"The mother seriously ill, they should be employed at home by a neighbor to help her to earn a pole paddy rice to eat, I just go make more money to buy drugs sent to his mother," Phuong said.

As a senior at the University of Labour - Social, more teachers for all the play but because they can not quit so I will have to play.

Phuong said: "There are times to work on tired just want to sleep but can not. What did you think at that mother is ill at home should do its best for the study. I hope after graduating from school to earn money for her treatment, but this capital and life, stay at home mom does not know his mother is ill take it anymore or not. Now mothers are infected brain hemorrhage and heart failure if they do not collect enough money to mothers on the operating table, the only time her mother will soon die ... ", The talk and the tears.

From the depths of my heart, mind the words of our hearts The cause cramps. Just look through this article, we who do you pray for newspaper readers to share with her mother Duan in this time of need.
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Name Nguyễn Thị Duân
Address xóm 3, xã Diễn Minh, Huyện Diễn Châu, NGHỆ AN
Phone 0987.369.905 em Phương
Case Bệnh nhân hiểm nghèo, Người già, Người nghèo
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