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Photo 4

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1 Kristian  
Love the blog Martyn. I showed my wife Cat and her eyes lit up. Udon Thani is well known in our area for the Naga and she was piltacurarly interested in the plate number of the car, so thanks for supplying that!!!! Here the beast is called Pha Ya Nuk , it has 5 heads and was last seen a couple of months ago, alas no pictures. As for me I have been fortunate enough to receive a couple of NAGA awards in the past so I am looking forward to receiving another after reading your blog. For those readers unaware of a Naga award it is awarded to a golfer who achieves the most amount of strokes in the weekly club competition, handicap as always has been deducted. So if you end up with the highest score you receive the NAGA award. (Not A Gofers A##hole), I willl leave you now for I am off to hunt out Lottery brokers to scour their wares!!

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